Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anne Sherwood Pundyk

Anne Sherwood Pundyk
Anne's work is very abstract when you first look at it but as you look closer you will find that she is able to combine the organic forms of the human body with bold abstract colors and lines very successfully. In this particular image I find it interesting that she places the figure in such a non-traditional environment surrounded by very bold colors. The color palette in the background and bold line work allow for a contrast between the natural and unnatural of the body and its environment. She really puts a new spin on working with the figure by using different styles of painting but still being able to pull both of them together to make a unified piece. She does this so well that it makes the figure give off a sense of inner peace, even when she is surrounded by the bright red background; she makes it seem as if the subject actually belongs in this environment.
-Shelby Turner

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